Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In Memoriam

Once upon a time there was a Ziggurat.

It was called the Ziggurat of Doom, for such was its nature.

The inhabitants thereof wanted a group blog so they could share cool shit with each other.

(This was before social networks were a thing.)

So they made one.

Then social networks became a thing. And the blog did languish.

And eventually the admin realized she'd left an unpatched WordPress blog up for like six years with no updates, which if there were internet police would be a crime. So she archived it and took it down.

That just happened about eight minutes ago.

An archived, read-only version may be put back online at some point, though, because many of the posts were indeed cool, or at least vaguely amusing. But no promises. It was a different time and we were all different people.