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Serenity now (minus 4.5 hours)

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The majority of the Ziggurauti and I went to a super secret advanced screening of Serenity tonight. It must be because I am a member of the press. By virtue of it being across the road from my apartment, I think I’ll probably have this post up first. The other posters will edit this post and write their own thoughts.

First off, this movie lived up to its hype. That’s really damn amazing, considering the amount of hype there has been around this movie. I usually come out of any movie with a gripe or two. My gripe for this one is all of Joss Wheidon’s characters have put rocks on grave stones, a traditionally Jewish behavior.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is actually the exposition. The film does a good job of bringing everyone not familiar with Firefly up to speed, and there’s a bunch of crunchy new facts for the rest of us. Walking out of the theaters, I heard a good couple “I didn’t watch the show, but I didn’t really notice anything wrong with the movie”. I also heard one “Yo that didn’t make no sense to me,” but it’s hard to show a movie without at least one idiot in the theater.

I had two concerns going into this movie. First, I was afraid it was going to be too tied to the series (the one that I didn’t watch too recently, you know). I was mostly afraid of this because of the comic book. The comic wasn’t so much a good story as much as it was a direct download to your brain of things that should have been in the series that really round out the setting. As I said, that was not the case here.

The other concern I had was the addition of a new character in the unnamed government agent. Usually when a new character, especially a baddie, is introduced in a final movie or comic mini, it really draws away from the story and characters we were going to see in the first place. In this movie, he plays very well off of Malcolm. Malcolm is a great antihero who hardly behaves like a hero. This new agent is a great antivillian. We aren’t subjected to a fluffy Machiavellian “I’m evil for good” or Megatron*. Nope, we got a villain as unique and interesting as, dare I say it?

So in conclusion? Yeah, go watch this movie, early and often.

*Megatron is my new adjective for villains who’s motivation is “I’m totally evil, and I’m going to do something evil”. I invented this after trying to figure out what was up with Agamemnon in the recent Hollywood movie. He was Megatron’ed.

2 Responses to “Serenity now (minus 4.5 hours)”

  1. The Hierophant Says:

    I concur entirely. The film was masterfully done from start to finish. It surprised me a few times, always nice. Especially considering the trailor made it look like Generic SciFi Action Movie #4. I wasn’t really expecting such from Joss, and it’s good to see I was right. Basically, if I had to tell someone one thing about this movie, it would be “the trailor means nothing - the movie is everything”.

  2. Rhadamanthos Says:

    The villain was perhaps as unique and interesting as Big DV. He was NOT as unique or interesting as Lo Pan. This is hard to do.

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