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Making satire obsolete

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Wow. Every time I think the anti-Darwist “Intelligent Design” movement can’t get any sillier…

… it trumps itself.

That’s right. This website completes the trifecta of superstitious bullshit: Fundamentalism, argument-by-blind-assertion, and…. astrology.

I don’t even need to make fun of these guys. The jokes just write themselves.

If we want to win the battle against ID and similar idiocies, this is the kind of thing we need to run up the flagpole, so we can show everyone exactly what they’re saluting. Ugh.

(Hat tip to The Panda’s Thumb).

One Response to “Making satire obsolete”

  1. The Hermit Says:

    “The reason we remind you of all this is that we believe the Gospels are telling us the Magi were good men, and they were knowledgeable in astrology.”


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