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Star Wars Marathon Liveblog

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The live blogging of the Star Wars marathon begins. I’ll keep updating this page, so just refresh it every hour or so. Be nice, don’t do it every five minutes. I won’t be updating that often. I’ve still got movies to watch.

EDIT: This post is finished. Feel free to read it and post any comments you’d like. I’ll continue any responses there.

As a super special treat, I’ll be ‘chili-blogging’ as well. A quick google search indicates this may be the first ever attempt at chili-blogging. All chili related stuff will be below the Star Wars stuff, and then will be moved to its own post, but not today.

All times are EST, because that’s where I live. The chili blogging is going to be more active before the movies start, and right before dinner. I’m not sure if I’m going to have more to say during the prequels, or the original trilogy.

Star Wars
Time: 9:35 AM
At: Pregame
Observation: Getting the food together, last minute cleaning. I really hate the mourning, err… morning. Got a good nights sleep. All the important stuff is already taken care of.
Eyes: Fine
Butt: Fine thanks
Brain: Hates me for getting up so early.

Time: 11:48 AM
At: Opening of Star Wars (what you dirty heathens might call a new hope)
Observation: John Williams is very good at what he does
Eyes: Fine
Butt: Fine
Brain: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Time: 12:20
At: No, I’m Obi Wan too
Observation: Big Bad Bizzy points out that we should watch for when Obi Wan starts to go by Ben in Ep III. If Anakin/Vader hears about it, that would be a fairly major gaff, a lot like Obi in Ep II meeting R2-D2, and then not recognizing him in Star Wars.
Eyes: Fine
Butt: Fine
Brain: Still Happy, Still Joy

Time: 1:29
At: Han refusing to join the battle over Yavin
Observation: Luke in the beginning of the movies’ a whinny bitch. I like him a lot better after his teacher gets killed. I’ll leave it up to the reader to think about that the natural extension of this line of thinking should lead to.
Eyes: Happy
Butt: Fine
Brain: Happy for the big space battle its about to enjoy

Time: 1:55 PM
At: Beginning of Empire
Observation: By far, my favorite of the 5 movies
Eyes: Happy
Butt: Fine
Brain: Happy

Time: 2:12 PM
At: Luke healing up in the bacta tank
Observation: You know, there’s something very Freudian about being dressed in a diaper, and plunked in a warm, wet tank till all your pain goes away.
Eyes: Happy
Butt: Fine
Brain: Joy

Time: 2:31 PM
At: Luke finding out he has to go to Dagobah
Observation: The force is less impressive when the bass doesn’t make your inner organs rumble. Unfortunately, its hard to get that much out of your subwoofer without annoying the other people in the apartment building.
Eyes: Good
Butt: Fine
Brain: Good

Time: 3:08 PM
At: Yoda pulling the Xwing out of the swamp
Observation: When Vader uses the force, there’s rumble. When Yoda does it, there’s nothing. I wonder if this is a light side / dark side thing. I’ll have to pay attention during Ep I and II
Eyes: Happy
Butt: Fine (I keep getting up to stir the chili)
Brain: Happily entertained. This may be due to the large number of super fun blinky lights in this movie.

Time: 3:33 PM
At: “I love you.” “I know.”
Observation: I love that line
Eyes: Happy. Lea’s hot
Butt: Fine
Brain: Happy. Lea’s hot

Time: 3:57 PM
At: The end of Empire
Observation: Its all down hill from here. Fortunately, the next movie is still really good.
Eyes: Happy
Butt: Starting to get a little stiff
Brain: Happy, but wary

Time: 4:18 PM
At: That damn new song in Jaba’s place
Observation: I can forgive just about all the changes, except Greedon shooting first, but even more so, this new song and dance routine. Its just God awful
Eyes: Angry
Butt: Same
Brain: Burning with the fire of a thousand geeky suns

Time: 5:17
At: Stupid Ewok fun time
Observation: You know, everyone rags on the Stormtroopers because they couldn’t hit Ewoks. They really took apart the rebel soldiers in the very beginning of Star Wars. Feel free to come up with your own mitigating excuse. I’m going to say that the sight of all those delicious, delicious Ewoks make it hard for the Stormtroopers to concentrate.
Eyes: A little grainy
Butt: Still a little stiff
Brain: angry at ewoks

Time:6:08 PM
At: The end of Jedi
Observation: “I”ve only seen Ep I and II like once, so I’m really just looking forward to them” – Christoff
“Really? Cuz I’ve only seen them like once too, and I was really just looking forward for (Empire and Jedi)” -James
Eyes: Still grainy
Butt: still a little stiff
Brain: still happy, but afraid.

Time: 6:47 PM
At: Some asian aliens are talking to a gothed out queen
Observation: Lightsaber fights, so pretty. But they still don’t make up for the gungans
Eyes: Ok
Butt: Fine
Brain: Recoiling

Time: 7:09
At: Eating dinner at the Skywalkers
Observation: Dave fell asleep. He showed no indications of being sleepy
Eyes: Eh
Butt: Eh
Brain: Trying to figure out the race of each alien

Time: 7:41
At: I don’t know, the boring part
Observation: Now Christoff fell asleep too.
Eyes: Eh
Butt: Eh
Brain: Trying to stay awake

Time: 8:07
At: Jar Jar appointed General
Observation: Dave wakes up. “This movie’s still on? Holy Crap” Goes back to sleep
Eyes: Eh
Butt: Eh
Brain: Trying to stay awake

Time: 9:04
At: Yoda sending Anaken off without Obi
Observation: He’ll bring balance to the force. There’s a whole bunch of Jedi, and like 1 Sith. To bad noone can do math.
Eyes: Grainy
Butt: Stiff
Brain: Less and less happy with me

Time: 9:47
At: Obi and Jango dog fight
Observation: You know, I have a lot less to complain about this movie that I did the last one.
Eyes: Grainy
Butt: Stiff
Brain: Actually looking forward to Ep III, but not looking forward to being disappointed

Time: 10:17
At: 3P0’s zany assembly line adventure
Observation: By far, the worst part of this movie. Also, I don’t think Jedi robes and lightsabers make a good combonation, but that’s just me
Eyes: Grainy
Butt: Stiff
Brain: Same as before

Quick review of Ep III
Time: 3:13 AM
At: Home after watching Ep III
Observation: I was surprised by how much I like this movie, and how much everyone else seemed to. Now granted, I’m still feeling the afterglow, but I think this movie stands up with the original 3, and honestly, this plus the original 3 really tells the whole story.

The scuttlebutt around the internet is that there’s all these allusions to the Bush administration in this movie. I’m really kind of sensitive to noticing this, and it really usually bugs me. Not because I love the Bush administration, but because you can make your point without being so heavy handed. I didn’t see it in this movie. There’s two lines of dialog that could be considered a jab at the current political environment. I guess. If you really, really want it to be there. This movie, like the original 3, dealt with ideas and ideals, not the real world.

The other thing I went in looking for was to see if there was any emotion in the lightsaber fights. Watch Jedi, and tell me you don’t feel every bit of rage that Luke feels. I can honestly say, with one possible exception out five major on screen lightsaber battles, I felt the emotion in every single one.

I’ve always said that there’s too much character turn over in the prequels, but I didn’t feel it so bad in this one. BBB pointed out there’s a bunch of new and interesting droid, but neither of us feeling it was out of place.

One great touch comes in at the end. The Emperor tells something to Vader, and at first I said “Well, that’s a lie. Way to be evil,” but then I thought about it. It’s very true from one point of view, just like the statement that Vader killed Luke’s father.

One last thing. There are some scenes that hurt. Bad. They involve Anaken and Padme. Fortunately, someone in editing knows how to do their job, and these scenes are as short as possible.

To the QoS, re-R2-D2 being a faceless astromech droid. Its possible based on the first two movies that your comment could be accurate. This movie blows that supposition out of the water. Of course, you had no way of knowing that when you posted.

Time: 9:39 AM
At: Cutting up onions and peppers, thawing meat
Observation: I hate acid, especially when the onion vapors mix with the saline in my eyes to form it. Vidalia onions are in seasons! This is a good omen
Eyes: Sting
Brain: Early. Hulk smash early.

Time: 10:31 AM
At: Finished browning meat and .25 of an onion, drain, add to stock pot. Follow in pot with, a can of tomato chucks, a can of tomato sauce, a can each of pinto, black eye, and black beans. Last add in the rest of the onion, and 2 peppers, but cut up into larger chunks. Last goes in some minced garlic.
Observation: Big Bad Bizzy referred to the bean combo as my “crazy beans” and from now on, that’s what I’ll call ‘em too.

Time: 11:46 AM
At: The whole pot was borough up to simmer, slowly, so as not to burn anything to the bottom. Added 2 packages of taco seasoning, pepper, oregano, and chili powder

Time: 1:07 PM
At: Heavy Simmer, season
Observation: Keep a heavy simmer going to gradually reduce the liquid. Stir and taste every 20 to 40 minutes. Stir it before you taste it. Keep a lid on, but not sealed, so the water vapor that evaporates has somewhere to go. This really concentrates the chili, and give it a good thickness, so its chili, not stew or soup.

Time: 1:51 PM
At: Added 2 Cubanella hot peppers, and more brown sugar. Reduced temp
Observation: When it starts to get a good bit thicker, about the consistency of stew, I reduce the heat, and start adding anything that would be hot. Any earlier, and the heat just sort of dissipates. Since I don’t know who all will be eating, I’ve only put in a little bit of heat. The earliest this can be eaten is as soon as the peppers are hot, but we’ll be eating around 6:30. If it starts getting too thick, add water or cheap beer. I like Coors Light. I’ve tried expensive beers, but the cheap beer is just better.

Time: 3:59 PM
At: Still simmering away
Observation: James asked if he could just take a bowl now before I took it off the heat. I decided to not crush his wind pipe with the force.

Time: 4:20 PM
At: Added some Coors Light because it was getting just a little to thick
Observation: I noticed that the liquid was getting thicker, not just reducing in volume, as well as turning a darker shade of red. That means its time to add some water or beer.

Time: 4:51
At: Add a can of corn
Observation: The corn is added very late in the game, so it stays crisp, and has good contrast with the rest of the chili, which should be more than tender.

Time: 5:20
At: Stir in some flour, add some last minute seasoning if needed, and turn off the heat
Observation: Now is the time that you let it all firm up into chili. The flour helps incorporate the liquid and chunky parts into a single consistency. I turn off the heat and let it sit on the still hot (electric) burner for about a half an hour.

Time: 6:10
At: Eating
Observation: Mmmm, chili

That’s about it for the chiliblogging.

8 Responses to “Star Wars Marathon Liveblog”

  1. The Fool Says:

    Chili-blogging….are we going to get Porcelain-blogging later this evening?

  2. Queen of Swords Says:

    Of course he doesn’t recognize R2-D2. Do you know how many bloody astromech droids there are in the galaxy? Hell, I wouldn’t remember one I saw 20 years ago, either.

  3. The Fool Says:

    I didn’t sleep well, and part of it is your chili’s fault, and not in the normal way since I didn’t eat any. You were making chili in my one dream, and wished to add cheese for some reason. However, you refused to do it yourself insisting that you call in your uncle, because “He really knows how to put cheese on chili.”

  4. The Knight of Cups Says:

    When talking about astromech droids, it seems to be that Rx-Dy is just a model number. x denotes the series, y the revision. In fact, given the number of astromech droids present in the Star Wars galaxy, there would have to be more than one R2-D2 to keep from breaking this generally accepted naming scheme. Also, given the usual casualty rate for astromechs, I bet most people didn’t get too attached to them. I think the writers just try very hard not to use the same name more than once.

    And yes, I saw a 12:01am showing, too. I enjoyed it. I liked a lot of the visual foreshadowing that took place - gave me shivers a few times, though I think that’s because they were deliberately meant to evoke memories of Eps. 4-6.

  5. The Hermit Says:

    Fool - You are a very odd person

  6. The Fool Says:

    Shouldn’t Fitz be chiming in with a parity joke?

    I could do it, but, okay fair warning this is gonna hurt.

    “Well, I used to be even, but then I was incremented.”

    And, yeah, I’ve been writing code for the past 8 hours.

  7. Queen of Swords Says:

    Actually, yeah, Luke does call Artoo “that R2 unit we picked up today” in A New Hope. Suggesting there are many R2 units.

  8. The Hermit Says:

    This post was linked to from’s Carnival of the Force.

    She likes our name

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